December Specials 

(Philippines Inspired)

Miss travelling? While air travel remains inaccessible, we hope to bring you and your loved ones an opportunity to satisfy the avid traveller.

Meat platter $58

Mini Wagyu Beef Burgers, Crispy Pork Belly, Hot Asian Chicken Skewers, Halibut Tortillas

Turkey Pie $20

Bucket of Beer $40

Choose from 4 kinds

Bottle of Diemersdal Wine $50


$20/gls     $36/2 gls    $70/4 gls

Gin & Tonic

Featuring our newly launched premium Spanish gin, Nordes Atlantic Galicia is made with an Alberino-grape-based spirit, rather than your more commonly seen grain-based spirit, along with 11 botanicals, including 6 local ones from Galicia such as eucalyptus, lemon verbena and samphire, which gives the gin a complex maritime quality. Perfectly garnished with citrus to make an excellent G&T.

Other gins are available too. Let your evening be(gin)!

Afternoon High Tea

(Daily 3-6pm)

Afternoon high tea is always a good idea. With flavours that are inspired by the multicultural tastes from the Straits Settlements, your taste buds would be in for a treat. 

At just $19 per pax, you and your friends can feast on a unique blend of Asian delights such as siew mai, spring rolls and beef rendang with prawn crackers, as well as classic treats including assorted cakes and pastries.

Wine not let it flow?

(Monday - Thursday)


Is Covid-19 getting you down? Fret not, we have a little treat for you. Indulge in 3 hours of free-flow wine while avoiding the crowds at our slightly ulu location!


If you don’t already know, white wine has been said to help support heart health and might prevent heart diseases. For those looking for an antioxidant boost, sip on some red wine! It contains polyphenols which can help fight the effects of premature ageing. Not a wine person? No problem. Get bubbly with our prosecco!

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Weng Weng

It's an urban legend in itself. It was the local slang of the era that meant to get "totally wasted". In a way it's the very spirit of the drink. Even with an arbitrary mix, it has crossed the borders and made it's mark as a signature Filipino cocktail.